Art Jive

Art Jive is the collaboration of Toronto artists Sandra Duba-Shubs and Leah Landau. Through the interplay of their unique energies and artistic perspectives they promote their artworks, shows, and workshops.

Their emphasis is to create a visual experience which elicits an emotive or narrative response from the viewer. While working on a flat plane they strive to achieve imagery that allows the viewer to enter into a three dimensional world. They use various materials and textures to create a tactile exponent to their work.

They are inspired by their social consciousness. The multiculturalism of Toronto energizes them to explore colours, tastes and the universality of the human condition. Their work is embedded with an organic energy which develops meaning, mood and mystery through the use of line, form and colour.

Art is a story: they invite the viewer to enter their visions with her own experiences and memories.

Leah Landau and Sandra Duba-Shubs