Art Jive Workshops

Programs designed and created by Sandra Duba-Shubs and Leah Landau.

Monoprintmaking without a press:

This workshop will involve and connect you to the creative process. It allows you to playfully explore and enlarge your sense of colour, form and creativity.

Monoprint making is a very immediate process. The directness of the technique encourages play and experimentation in the use of colour, shape, texture and composition. It involves creating a varied series of prints without using a press.

This workshop is suited to both beginners and experienced artists alike. Monoprint lends itself to further experimentation. You can integrate it with many different media. Classes run for three hours.

We supply all materials.

Creating a Memory Collage

This program allows participants to share the milestones and history of their lives. A finished collage is a gift that can be passed on to family and friends that will be treasured forever. This workshop is especially suited to seniors who would enjoy some intellectual stimulation.

We will supply much of the material needed, participants are asked to bring photos, material, letters, etcetera which have personal meaning to them.

This program has 6 major components. The number of classes will vary according to the needs of the participants.

Contact Art Jive to set up workshops tailored your group needs.